General Rules and Regulations

1. Students are provided with IDENTITY CARDS. They should produce them while receiving the Hall Ticket , Library Token , Calendar , Certificate , Statement of Marks , Degree , etc.

2. Students should come to the college with full uniform and should wear the identity card. Violation will be viewed very seriously.

3. Students should maintain peace and decorum in the college campus with cordial and decent behavior towards staff and fellow students.

4. They are expected to be punctual and regular in attending classes late comers will be permitted to the class only with the permission of the principal. Habitual late comers will be fined.

5. Students should take leave after submitting the leave letter with proper reasons ( along with Medical Certificate , in case of long absentees ) with the signature of parents / Gardian.

6. Students should attend the classes with the required text books and other study items.

7. Parents are relatives or guardians of the students are not allowed to meet them during the class hours.

8. Representation, Complaints, and grievances may be informed to the Principal through the staff in charge of the students.

9. Students should not involve in any sort of activities which would tarnish the reputation of the college.

10. Students should not involve themselves in any political and communal activities or organize and attend any such unauthorized meetings in the college.

11. Powered bikes and motors cycles equipped with fancy horns , using of cell phones , smoking , and intoxicants are prohibited inside the college campus.

12. Students are directed to keep all college premises clean without making pollution.

13. Parents will be contacted directly, if needed, by the Principal with regard to the academic performance and attendance of the students.