The infrastructure and facilities available in campus are amongst the very best. The SRCE campus is wholly contained campus comprising of everything that students in campus would ever require.

Physical Science Lab

SRCE is provided with a spacious laboratory for the teacher-trainees, to learn, practice and to conduct numerous experiments practically in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

We have a well equipped Physical Science lab that high lights the student teacher to grasp a global perspective of the profession as it is today and to make assumptions about it in the near future and to utilise the present opportunity.

Biological Lab

The well equipped Bio-lab, provides dynamic knowledge and opportunity for better learning and understanding of concepts of biological science.

Computer Science Lab

This Lab has a set of 25 systems in 1:4 Practical Knowledge and application of basic computer skills are taught to students periodically.

Psychology Lab

The Psychology laboratory of this college enables the students to scale the IQ and the capabilities of the pupils with the help of the Psychjometric equipments. The trainees can improve the various skills of the pupils in their class rooms by adopting psychometrics to play.

Class Rooms

Spacious and ventilated Class rooms to accommodate the students. State-of-the-art class rooms with interactive facilities of white board and projector are also available.


A multi-purpose hall is available to coduct seminars, symposium and for cultural Programmes by the students.